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Bogotá 39 launched at the Colombian Ambassador’s residence

24th May, 2018

Bogota 39 launch photos

 Photographs by Mark Rusher and Thanhmai Bui-Van

Last night (23rd May 2018) marked the launch of Bogotá 39: New Voices from Latin America.

Guests were met at the beautiful venue of the Colombian Ambassador’s residence in Belgravia by the following writers and translators featured in the book: 


Liliana Colanzi (Bolivia)

Claudia Ulloa Donoso (Peru)

Felipe Restrepo Pombo (Colombia)

Emiliano Monge (Mexico)


Daniel Hahn

Sam Gordon

Peter Bush

Rahul Bery

Ellen Jones

Catherine Mansfield

Annie McDermott

Lucy Greaves

Christina MacSweeney

Isabelle Kaufeler


Bogotá 39 is published on the 7th June 2018. 


Bogota 39 map of authors

Map of Latin America –  highlighted are the names of each author and their country of origin.

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