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Iain Sinclair – Brighton Festival

27th April, 2018

‘No one has ever written quite like Iain Sinclair. He will, without doubt, prove the indelible diarist of our age—our post-punk Samuel Pepys.’ Observer

Iain Sinclair has spent most of his adult life documenting the peculiar magic of the capital. In his most recent elegy to the city, The Last London, he travels from the pinnacle of the Shard to the outer reaches of the London Overground network at Croydon and Barking, and from the Thames Estuary to the future ruins of Olympicopolis, to reflect on the transformation of London in recent years.

In conversation with Daniel Hahn, Iain talks about how the city has been transformed by the forces of global capital into a place in which ‘everything is pop-up, nothing is true’.

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