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Oneworld’s Summer Reading List

14th July, 2017

1)      Here Comes the Sun, Nicole Dennis-Benn

Here Comes the Sun will transport you to the shores of Jamaica, with a rhythmic narrative that captures the dialects and music of island life. Beyond the white sand beaches and azure waters, Nicole Dennis-Benn offers readers a glimpse into the everyday struggles of the islanders. Here Comes the Sun is a powerful, compulsively readable novel with a cast of unforgettable female characters.

 Here Comes the Sun


2)      Siracusa, Delia Ephron

This electrifying novel set in sun-drenched Sicily explores marriage, friendship and betrayal. Two middle-class couples travel to Italy together with a young daughter in tow. Lies and infidelities bubble to the surface, and ten-year old Snow is drawn into a poisonous adult drama. Told in alternating points of view, Siracusa has been described as ‘a tense, taut cross between Big Little Lies and The Affair’ (Independent).




3)      The Postman’s Fiancée, Denis Thériault 

If your favourite summer pastime is people-watching whilst sipping coffee outside a café, then this is your ideal summer read. Tanja Schumpf is a waitress at a cosy restaurant in Montreal, peopled with unusual characters. Her crush on postman Bilodo rapidly develops into an obsession, with comical and dramatic consequences. Reuniting readers with the much-loved characters of The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman, this is a delightfully quirky book with a bittersweet edge.


Postman's Fiancée


4)      Lola, Melissa Scrivner Love

High-stakes drama in the dark corners of sunny Los Angeles. A streetwise Latina gang-leader. Drug warfare about to explode. Lola is a gritty urban thriller in the vein of The Wire and CSI Miami. This book will have you gripped from start to finish, so don’t expect it to last the whole holiday.




5)      Strange Magic, Syd Moore

Syd Moore’s wickedly funny novel follows Rosie Strange, inheritor of her grandfather’s witch museum, as she tracks down a centuries-old witch who is still wreaking havoc. Strange Magic is a potent blend of sorcery, humour and a dash of romance. The perfect summer cocktail.


                                                    Strange Magic                                                                               


6)      Kompromat, Stanley Johnson

If you enjoy political drama by the poolside, look no further than Stanley Johnson’s Kompromat. This satirical thriller is a tongue-in-cheek look at last summer’s shocking referendum result. Featuring Ronald Craig, the unlikely US presidential candidate, and Igor Popov, the cunning Russian President with a plan to destabilise the West. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.




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